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  • 5 min read

Because there’s a lot of young blood in the hip hop game right now, like Megan Thee Stallion, 24kGolden, and Post Malone, there are few icons who have been able to span generations and retain their popularity in the ever-changing genre. However, there is one major exception: Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne got his start in the late 90s, and for over 20 years, he continues to make hit after hit. Considering just how many of his songs have topped the charts, it’s no secret that he’s amassed a good amount of financial success due to his efforts and entrepreneurial spirit.

Wayne likes to show off his success as much as the next guy, and there’s no better way to do it than by wearing some of the hottest jewelry around. Let’s take a look at his insane jewelry collection, as well as ways that you can mimic his style without dropping as much money.

Young Money Pendant

Pretty much everybody can recognize a Lil Wayne song when it comes from the speakers. And while he is one of the most talented lyricists in the game, many people don’t know that he’s also the CEO of his own record label. “Young Money Millionaire” isn’t just a catchy lyric to one of his most popular songs; it’s also a reference to the record label he owns and operates.

To commemorate his roots and show his love for a label that helped him amount to so much success, famous celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte created a giant custom diamond pendant with the Young Money logo for Lil Wayne to proudly wear. It’s bigger than Eliannte’s hand, as seen in his Instagram post, and it is completelycovered in pure diamonds and yellow gold.

We’re not sure how much this piece cost Wayne, but considering Eliantte is the one who gave rapper Lil Uzi Vert his $24 million forehead diamond, we can’t help but feel like this piece ran Wayne a good chunk of cash.

Custom pendants are a great way to individualize your look and represent something you care about, but you don’t need to drop a million bucks just to look like a million bucks. Our custom pendants give you full control over the contents, base metal, gemstone type, and matching chain so you can truly create a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to you.

Self Portrait Pendant

You know you’ve made it when you can wear a pendant of your own face and have itnotlook conceited. And Lil Wayne’s highly detailed, solid gold face pendant is one of the most stunning pendants we’ve ever seen. It even incorporates his face tattoos and individual dreadlocks to truly give the piece a life of its own.

But this pendant has an underlying importance that makes it even more meaningful. The piece was made by Joy Bonfield-Colombara, an art student at the prestigious Royal College of Art. She was struggling to pay her tuition fees and said that an opportunity to make this pendant had come at just the right time.

She soon found out that the pendant was for Lil Wayne himself, and she couldn’t contain her excitement. She stated that the commission she earned from the pendant has helped her pay her college tuition, allowing her to create even more stunning pieces. In fact, she was considering dropping out before this requested piece appeared in her inbox.

Despite Lil Wayne’s power and influence, it’s clear that he’s got a great heart.

Diamond Rings

Weezy loves to perform in front of sold-out concert venues, and if you’ve ever been to one of his shows, your eyes are naturally near his face where he’s holding the microphone. Because of that, Wayne likes to deck out his digits with stunning rings to show off and keep your eyes glued to him at all times.

He’s got more diamond rings than we can count, but one of them cost him over $135,000. The reason is that it’s filled with diamonds and real white gold on all sides. Yet, the statement stone at the top ishuge. The carat weight must truly be impressive, and it’s definitely the main reason why his ring cost him so much dough.

This Diamond Clustered Band Ring looks nearly identical, but it’s a mere fraction of the price. IT’s got smaller diamonds and gold running along the band, with a giant statement rock right in the middle. It’s impossible to overlook, and you won’t even need to hold a microphone to get people’s undivided attention.

Diamond Tennis Chain

Tennis chains are one of the most popular jewelry pieces for good reasons. For one, they're perfectly polished and professional, allowing you to pair them with any type of outfit. Additionally, their design allows each diamond to stand out on its own rather than just blend in with one another.

And one of the reasons why Weezy likes these types of chains so much is because he’s said before that he prefers standalone diamonds over clustered diamonds, as you can tell that the gems are real. Tennis chains let him show off his worth by making it clear that every single gem is flawless and real.

Our Baguette Tennis Chain looks just as great, if not better, than some of the pieces that Weezy wears often. The unique baguette diamond shape combined with the essence of a traditional tennis chain makes this piece impossible not to notice.

Giant Diamond Cuban Chains

If there’s one rapper who knows how to wear a chain, it’s Lil Wayne. But we’ve never seen him wearing just one. The rapper takes the motto “Go big or go home” very seriously by wearing multiple giant chains at pretty much every outing.

One of our personal favorites is a giant diamond Cuban chain that hangs all the way down to his waist. It’s bulky, huge, and entirely in-your-face, making for a piece that describes Weezy to a perfect T.

At 6 Ice, we know a thing or two about Cuban chains, and we’ve got tons of options for you to choose from:

  • Looking to make major waves just like Wayne, then a 19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain is right for you.
  • But if you want something a bit more subtle, go for a smaller 8.5mm Cuban chain to get the same essence without all the attention.

Pieces and Prices

Lil Wayne is one of the most respected rappers throughout the hip hop genre, but this has only come from years of experience. And when you take one look at the insane jewelry that he’s constantly sporting, you can tell that he’s been in it for longer than some of us have even been alive.

You can look and feel just like him without spending hours in the recording booth and thousands on a piece. From pendants to chains, earrings to rings, 6 Ice has everything you need and more to complete your look from head to toe. Combine that with a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 chat support, and you can have confidence that your investment will be well worth it.


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