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Lil Pump Cashes Out on Custom Jewelry

Soundcloud is the foundation for a number of artists who are ready to make a leap into the world of production. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t lead to much more than niche fame and a couple of loyal fans.

But for a very select few, Soundcloud raps can skyrocket an artist into the mainstream. This was the case with Lil Pump, one of the most prominent members of theSoundCloud rap scene. His punk rap and minimalist beats have made him one of the most successful young rappers of the modern-day.

This has a lot to do with his hyperactive public persona. From controversies to rainbow-colored hair, Pump isn’t a stranger to grabbing the public’s attention. And it’s hard to look away when his jewelry collection is as crazy as the man himself.

Most of his chains and pendants are custom-made, which helps cement him as a distinct icon. Lil Pump has dropped “Racks on Racks” to get his collection where it is now, but that might not be necessary even if you want to look just like him.

’The Boondocks’ Pendant

There’s really no better way to prove that you’ve made it than by getting a custom pendant of yourself. Lil Pump had his jeweler, the famous Elliot Elliante, create a stunning, huge, and solid pendant that’s the size of Pump’s hand.

Not only is his entire face studded with real diamonds and supported with a solid gold back, but his hair on the piece is colored with rose gold and white gold. This reflects the hair color that the rapper had at the time of purchase. On top of that, it’s got baguette diamonds in the eyes and inside the mouth.

Even the chain itself is iced out with real diamonds and gold, making for an all-around balanced necklace that doubles as a piece of art.

The level of detail on this thing is unmatched, and it’s hard to imagine just how much Pump had to drop in order to wear this custom pendant. Based on the detail alone, it likely ran him at least six figures.

Better Alternative

There’s no reason to drop that much on a chain, especially when you can achieve the same effect without having to be a famous Soundcloud rapper.

Getting a custom pendant that has the same level of detail asThe Boondocks caricature might be tough, but personalizing jewelry is entirely within reach. You could put any picture or symbol on aLarge 3D Custom Picture Pendant to make for a distinct piece that’s one of a kind. You could even draw up aBoondocks version of yourself to feel just like Pump himself.

Large 3D Circle Custom Picture Pendant

This custom pendant can also be plated with18k gold, white gold, or rose gold, so you could match one of the unmistakable hues on Pump’s piece. 

And you can’t forget the chain to go along with it. Pump’s custom pendant hangs from a Cuban link, which is a classic type of link for great reason. But why not go for something really unique and hang your personalized pendant from aSquare Baguette Tennis Chain. This is reminiscent of some of the gems in Lil Pump’sBoondockschain, but it’s arguably even more iced out than his Cuban link.

Esskeetit Pendant

The only thing more iconic than a custom pendant of your face is a custom pendant of your own catchphrase. Pump has popularized the term “esskeetit” to such a degree that it’s even in some dictionaries. It’s his way of saying pumped-up: “Let’s get it.”

It’s another Elliante pendant that uses rose gold and white gold. It’s thick and heavy with large letters that make it impossible not to stare.

Yet again, it’s tough to imagine just exactly how much the rapper must have spent on this custom piece. But the great thing is that personalized word pendants are easily accessible.

Better Alternative

Picture pendants are great for visually representing something that you hold near and dear, but word pendants can express yourself in ways that most other jewelry just can’t match.

Pump’s “esskeetit” pendant is big and bulky, so you’ll want something that can really stand out in a crowd. ThisSolid Block Letter Pendant is a high-quality option that looks even more pristine than his does.

Solid Block Custom Letter Pendant

With the ability to stack the words into two or three lines, plus the choice between 18k, white, or rose gold, there are limitless possibilities. Get any name you want to level your ice game up.

The Ring Collection

Pump can’t wear custom pieces all the time, so when he needs to be a bit more subdued, he might go for some rings to ice out his fingers. Some of his most identifiable pieces are his star rings and eternity rings.

Eternity rings and star rings are popular among rappers, mostly because they’re the first thing you see when they hold up a mic. Pump has stated that his eternity rings have run him about $30k each, and his eternity rings have cost him another $15k.

They’re stunning, but it’s hard to justify spending so much on something so small. 

Better Alternative

Star rings have a huge surface area that makes them a perfect canvas for large stones that cover the full material. From SoundCloud rapping to hitting the clubs, you can’t really go wrong with one of these on your hand.

Diamond Star Ring White Gold

If you need something a bit more classy and nuanced,eternity rings are a must. These use VVS simulated diamonds made withcubic zirconia, which makes them more affordable compared to real diamonds. However, Pump wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between his $15k diamond ring and one that uses alternative gems.

The Drug Addict Pendant

Lil Pump has never shied away from controversy. This often stems from his drug references throughout his music. Playing off of this image that the rapper has made for himself, he got one more custom piece from Elliante jewelers.

It’s his biggest and most colorful pendant yet, sporting solo cups, pills, acid tablets, and every type of drug imaginable. The piece was barely finished in time for him to wear at the 2018 VMAs, but when he showed up with this hanging from his neck, it got people talking.

The pendant and Miami Cuban chain combination ran him a grand total of $380k. This ranks it among some of the most expensive pieces of rapper jewelry to date.

Elliante is a renowned jeweler likely because he works exclusively for the biggest names in hip-hop. But even if you amount to half the success of his clients, there’s no reason to spend so much in order to heighten your drip.

Better Alternative

Having the freedom to express yourself can be done without dropping nearly a half-million on a custom pendant. 

For something that’s going to stand out just as much as Pump’s drug addict pendant, you’ll want something big, bulky, and unique. ASpinning Diamond QC Pendant combines all of these factors into a reasonably priced piece.

Spinning Diamond QC Custom Pendant

Since you can change the QC logo into your own initials, this is a piece that will be unique to you. With a micro-paved setting and a spinning platform inside, this is a pendant that brings a “wow” factor without sacrificing the high-class feel.

And if you want the same chain as Pump, definitely go with a15mm Baguette Cuban Chain in White Gold. Lil Pump’s chains are as big and bulky as the pendants themselves, so this is sure to make you feel just as successful. 

However, if you go with a pendant that’s a bit smaller in size, be sure to grab a smaller chain to match. Links that are 3mm to 5mm are typically the best bets for medallions that are smaller than your palm.

In Conclusion

Lil Pump’s always been part of the “Gucci Gang” because he loves wearing designer clothes and gems. And after looking through his insane custom pieces and knowing how much he’s spent, it’s hard not to be a bit jealous.

Huge personalized pieces like hisBoondocksface and drug addict medallion are two of his most iconic chains that ran him extremely high price tags. Couple that with his signature catchphrase on some solid gold, and it’s possible that he owns more custom pieces than regular ones.

Customizing jewelry isn’t reserved for the biggest rappers in the game. Anyone can get affordable personalized pendants that will provide a uniqueness to your look that’s entirely one of a kind.



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