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  • 5 min read

Let’s face it — anyone can wear a chain around their neck or a bracelet around their wrists. Even though the materials and styles of these pieces can help you stand out, there’s something that just hits differently about grills. If you ever see someone wearing gold grills on their teeth, you immediately sense that they take on life a bit differently from the norm.

Gold grills are one of the best ways to take your jewelry game to some of the boldest and most insane levels possible. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of a gold grill.

What Are Grills?

Grills or “grillz” are decorative covers that are placed on the front of teeth. They’re usually made of gold or silver or encrusted with jewels for some serious flair. Most of the time, these are removable, but for those who are committed, they might have had their teeth altered so that the crowns are a permanent fixture in their mouth.

The idea of wearing jewels in the mouth began all the way back in 800 BC when rich Etruscan women would have their front teeth removed to make room for a fitted gold band that mimicked a dental bridge.

Much later in the 1980s, hip-hop royalty like Flava Flav popularized these cutting-edge pieces that took on a fresh, unique form of expression… much like the hip-hop genre itself.

What Makes Gold So Expensive?

If you want to get yourself some gold grills, you first need to be able to afford them. And gold doesn’t come cheap for a number of different reasons.

Finite Supply

Gold is a precious metal with a finite supply, meaning that once it’s gone — it’s gone. Because of that, gold is associated with a high price tag that makes it less accessible for everyone in the world to be able to get their hands on it. After all, if gold cost the same as a carton of milk, nearly everyone in the world would have used all of it up by now.

It’s Durable

Another reason that gold can be so expensive is that compared to other metals, it’s durable and long-lasting. Gold ranks high in the physical properties of jewelry in that it won’t rust or tarnish, and it’s also one of the most corrosion-proof and oxidation-resistant metals on the market.

While it is malleable and can easily be scratched, it can still last for a long time. Its durability is another reason for its high price tag.

Societal Construct

Funny enough, the main reason for the cost of gold is society itself. While gold is a rare metal, it is not nearly as rare as some other less expensive metals. Since gold has long been used as a status symbol and a sign of wealth, we continue to put it on a pedestal.

For that reason, gold grills cost a lot purely because of the fact that we attach a high value to gold because of its symbolism. 

How Much Do Grills Cost?

The cost of your gold grills can vary based on a few factors, like whether or not you choose to throw on some diamonds or other jewels. If you’re in the market for some gold grills, you can probably expect to pay somewhere between $150 to $250 per tooth. For a full set on your upper or lower teeth, that’ll cost you between $2,400 to $4,000 in total.

That’s not including the cost of actually getting it fitted, and if you want to add diamonds and jewels, you can expect this price to go up even higher. At a base price of nearly $2,500 on the low end, getting golden grills is inaccessible for most people.

With that said, if you want to match the styles of some of hip-hop’s greatest, you don’t need to get solid gold grills. Go for some gold-plated grillz instead. Gold plating involves placing a thin layer of pure gold over a less expensive base metal, like sterling silver or stainless steel. This way, you can save money overall while still getting the classic golden look of a real gold chain.

In essence, you don’t need to make the same amount of money as rappers like Blueface or Gucci Mane to get your teeth on top-notch grills. Also, you can enhance your look without needing to stick pieces in your mouth. 6 Ice has a wide range of high-quality jewelry that you can wear on the outside of your body to make just as much of a statement.

Are Grills Safe To Wear?

There are no long-term studies that have proven whether or not it is safe to wear grills. While there is no evidence that it will necessarily cause harm, there is also no evidence that it won’t.

With that said, grillz can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease because bacterial plaque can easily get trapped between the grillz and the surface of the teeth. When this plaque feeds on sugars in food and drink, it forms acids that can wear away your enamel and lead to cavities.

If you do wear grillz, you can mitigate these risks by taking good care of your oral hygiene. This means you want to clean your grill often to avoid bacteria build-up by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent damage. Additionally, be sure to remove your grillz before eating and to brush your teeth before placing it back in.

Taking these simple steps can help you avoid a costly dental bill down the line while also extending the lifespan of your piece.

Where To Get Golden Grills

Many people decide to get golden grills from a jeweler. And while this will allow you to get some top-quality gems and metals on your piece to help show off to all of your friends, you run the risk of getting a piece that doesn’t properly fit in your mouth.

Remember that grills aren’t just ornaments; they are fixtures in your mouth. With that in mind, they can pose health risks if you don’t wear them with a proper fit. You might want to speak to your dentist before you go ahead and get your set of grillz because they can better assess whether or not they might be right for you.

They can assess the health of your mouth and decide if they might cause more harm than good. Plus, they might be able to recommend better ways to get a piece that properly fits in your mouth.

In Conclusion

Grills are a bold way to make a statement with your style, and while they have been around for hundreds of years, they have become popular recently, thanks to the hip-hop genre skyrocketing into the mainstream. The issue is that solid gold grills can be expensive, ranging up to $4,000 for a full set of solid gold teeth.

But you don’t need to break the bank to look and feel your best. 6 Ice is your home for high-quality jewelry in all styles and variations to match your vibes. Check out our entire collection today and get started on dressing your best self. 


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