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Diamond Star Ring: Different Styles of Iced Out Rings

Rings are one of the easiest types of jewelry to throw on, yet one of the hardest to pull off. This is because they’re often subtle additions that can go unnoticed if not worn properly. However, when you get a bold, iced-out ring to wear on your hand, people are sure to stop and stare.

Your stainless steel or golden bands will have their time to shine another day. For now, you should focus on filling up your fingers with high-quality, brilliant diamond gemstones. And what better way to do that than by throwing on some diamond star rings?

Here are some of the most popular stars that are sure to make you look like one, too.

What Are Star Rings?

Bracelets and necklaces can really only take on so many forms, but one of the great things about rings is that they can really take on the shape of pretty much anything you can think of. And this includes a star.

Diamond star rings have a huge star on their front, maximizing their surface area for full diamond-studding potential. Just like how a real star glistens in the night sky, these rings will shine like the cosmos.

The gemstones on a star ring are placed over the top of a metallic, golden finish. This gives you some freedom to pick and choose a style that works best for you.

Choosing the Right Diamond Star Ring

There are three main variations of the diamond star ring that you’ll want to think about wearing on your hands. The first is a diamond star ring in 18k gold, which incorporates the traditional bronze hue of solid gold underneath hundreds of handset stones.

Diamond Star Ring 18k Gold

These rings are perfect for people who want to give off a timeless look that’s more reminiscent of the past. If you’re someone who wants to feel like royalty, definitely go for an 18k gold piece.
But if the brassy look of pure gold isn’t your thing, a diamond star ring in white gold might be the better option for you. White gold is meant to look like platinum, giving it a metallic, clean, and polished luster that feels a bit more modern and casual than its 18k gold counterpart. These are great for people who want more of a neutral piece that can be worn in most circumstances.

Diamond Star Ring Rose Gold

Finally, if you’re someone who likes to break boundaries and really stand out from a crowd, the diamond star ring in rose gold is the best choice for you. Rose gold takes on a light pink color, making it look more unique than traditional and white gold. Combine the unique color with the star ring’s unique design, and you’ve got yourself a piece that isn’t afraid to make huge waves.

How To Wear a Diamond Star Ring

Pieces like the diamond star ring aren’t accessories that you wear just to give a minor enhancement to your look. These are statement pieces that are meant to draw attention and make you look like a champion.

With that in mind, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when wearing these pieces to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

Give It Company

One of the great things about the star ring is that its large surface area makes it impossible not to notice. However, it can feel a little bit out of balance if it’s all that you wear. We recommend complementing it with some other rings to make your hands feel more whole.
This means trying to wear a ring on your other hand that has the same bulkiness and vibrance as the star ring. Something like a spinning layered diamond ring is just as bold, helping to give you more of a symmetrical appearance that makes it clear that you appreciate and care for the finer things in life.

Spinning Layered Diamond Ring 14k White Gold

If you want to wear more rings on the same hand as the star ring, you might want to go with more subtle pieces just so it doesn’t distract from the centerpiece. You can find something subtle like a single row eternity ring that’s slim enough to help make your hand look full without taking attention away from your all-important star ring. 

Match, Don’t Mix

While just wearing rings is a great way to bring a new essence to your everyday looks, the best way to enhance your appearance is by wearing jewelry all over. This includes throwing on some chains, earrings, and bracelets wherever you can.

You really can never have too much bling, but you can do it wrong. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your metals to match. 

For example, if you want to base your accessories around the diamond star ring, make sure they all have the same hue. If your star ring is 18k gold, make sure that your chains and bracelets are 18k gold as well. This just helps to make you look more poised and steady, giving you the appearance of a jewelry expert.

Other Types of Bold Rings

If you’re looking for something bold and a little flashy, but the design of the star ring just doesn’t fit your style, there are plenty of other rings with a similar weight that can get the job done.

The double signet ring is a prime example that takes the surface area of the star ring to a whole new level (literally). With two layers of hand-setted stones, this is a statement piece with a more neutral design, making it a more versatile option for casual and formal events alike.

Double Step Signet Ring White Gold

If you’d rather have one giant gem with tons of carats rather than many smaller ones, then you’ll want to go for something like the diamond clustered band ring. This piece features a giant rock that is accentuated by small accent diamonds—the best of both worlds. The diamond clustered band ring comes in 14k white gold vermeil and 14k solid white gold. This ring backs up its show-stopping good looks with extremely high-quality hardware. 

Decked-Out in Diamonds

Rings can be as subtle or bold as you want, and if you’re looking to accomplish the latter, you need to add some diamond star rings to your collection. These star-shaped rings have a large surface area that makes them perfect for holding tons of hand-set diamonds. They’re statement pieces that are sure to snag you compliments.

After choosing the right color for your star ring, you want to make sure you’re complimenting it with equally bold pieces on both hands. Additionally, ensure that your star ring matches the color of the other pieces of jewelry that you’re wearing around your neck, wrist, or on your ears.

Of course, if the star ring isn’t quite your style, there are plenty of similar-sized rings that can match your personal preferences. Experiment with different variations until you find a perfect fit.



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