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  • 6 min read

When it comes to music, there’s really nothing better than a music group. Maroon 5, Green Day, and Blink-182 are some of the most famous bands of the modern day because of their distinct sound and catchy lyrics.

Music groups like these usually exist in the pop or rock music categories only, with rappers typically choosing to go solo. But, there is one exception: the Migos.

Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset have each made their own solo careers, but they’re more powerful when they all come together. Known for their mesmerizing beats and iconic one-liners, the Migos are modern day hip hop royalty.

And they like to prove this by constantly sporting some of the most gorgeous (and expensive) bling in the game. Let’s look through some of the best pieces in the Migos’ accessory collection. Then, we’ll look at how you can replicate their style without replicating the prices.

Quavo’s Cuban Links

When you think of hip hop fashion, one of the first things that come to mind are those classy golden chains. And while all of the Migos show off their fair share of bling, Quavo might be best known for his huge, bold cuban links.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection


Of particular note are his collection of Cuban link bracelets, which vary in size and color. Despite having six separate studded pieces, every single one uses solid gold and pure diamonds. We really can’t even begin to imagine exactly how much each one cost him. But when you think about how asingle carat diamond can cost anywhere between one and ten thousand dollars, we think that he’s hit a half million mark on just the bracelets alone.

One of his Cuban links that really stands out is his rose gold chain. It has a unique style that really speaks Quavo right off the bat.

Better Alternative

If you’re looking for some quality Cuban chains without breaking the bank, there are many options. Cuban chains are great because they are big and bold but uniform and classy, giving you the best of both worlds.

The reason that Quavo’s bands are so expensive is because of the pure diamond and gold used in each. While diamonds represent elegance, they are really only expensive because ofmarket monopolies. This means that you can find alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, that fit the bill without hiking it up.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection

Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet Two Tone in White / Rose Gold


And the best part is that you’d never know the difference. ThisDiamond Prong Cuban Bracelet Two Tone in White / Rose Gold looks just like the ones that Quavo has around his wrist. And with this unique two tone design, you’ll even have the Migos feeling a bit jealous of the ice around yours.

Offset’s Raindrop Pendant

Offset is a famous rapper on his own, but when combined with his wife Cardi B, they’re an unstoppable hip hop duo. And since neither of them is afraid to flaunt their success, you can only imagine how much money they’ve spent to prove their worth.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection


Offset likes to spoil his wife, and he did so by spending $500 thousand on her diamond engagement ring. But he likes to spoil himself just as much. Offset likes to sport a unique raindrop pendant, probably to symbolize the Migos’ hit song “Bad and Boujee.” 

That studded raindrop pendant ran him $100 thousand dollars -- and that’s not including the iced out chain. With that said, the stunning piece is difficult to turn away from.

Better Alternative

The reason that Offset’s pendant is so enticing is because of the sheer amount of diamonds that encrust the piece. You can find alternatives that load up with diamond simulants at only a fraction of the cost.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection

Umbrella Pendant


So if you need something that will keep you dry against Offset’s raindrop, you might want to consider something like thisUmbrella Pendant. It’s loaded with flawless VVS diamond simulants, which are some of the highest quality you can get. 

This is a surefire way to turn some heads no matter where you go. 

Takeoff’s 13 Carat Diamond Ring

It definitely pays to have friends that are just as successful as you, and Takeoff found this out on his 26th birthday. Quavo and Offset gifted their third counterpart a 13 carat diamond ring plated in pure gold.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection


As you might have guessed, this ring wasn’t cheap. The single piece cost the fellow group members 33 thousand dollars. The three of them definitely love being iced up, but it can make it hard to replicate their style.

Better Alternative

In addition to diamond simulants, there are cheaper alternatives to solid gold pieces as well. One of the best ways to give the appearance of elegance without paying the price is through a process calledgold plating. When a piece of jewelry is gold plated, a thin layer of real gold is plated over top of a base metal, giving a solid gold appearance by only using a small amount of the precious metal.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection

Baguette Layered Ring in White Gold


If you combine the inexpensiveness of gold plating with equally accessible simulant diamonds, you’ll have a tour de force in quality for an extremely affordable price. ThisBaguette Layered Ring in White Gold is a prime example that would make Takeoff want to take off his $33 thousand ring.

Quavo’s Patek Watch

Watches are some of the freshest accessories that one can wear, mostly because a watch face has a high surface area that’s just begging to be blinged out. Quavo is a fiend for this sort of thing, so his watch collection is really something to be admired.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection


One of the most stunning in his arsenal might be the two tone Patek watch. Covered in diamonds over pure yellow and white gold, it’s impossible not to be jealous of this $88 thousand dollar wristwear. 

Better Alternative

Watches are great pieces of jewelry because they’re just as functional as they are stylish. If you’re looking for something that mimics the flashiness of Quavo’s Patek, you can do so for much cheaper than he would.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection

Iced Out Jet Setter Watch in White Gold


ThisIced Out Jet Setter Watch in White Gold looks so similar to Quavo’s that you two might mix them up at a party. It has 3,000 handset diamond simulants and 18k gold plating over a stainless steel base. These are some of the highest quality materials you could use in a piece of jewelry. Quavo could’ve saved himself so much money, yet still looked just as fresh.

Takeoff’s Solar System Diamond Chain

If there were one person who truly existed at the center of the universe, it would be Takeoff, and he proves it with this one of a kind Gucci chain decked out with planet pendants.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection


The chain itself is diamond studded, and each of the planets is made with pure diamond as well. Considering the grand total of the entire piece is $500 thousand, we’d at least hope that real diamonds are being used.

Better Alternative

Gucci chains are popular styles because they are unique when compared to many others. Since each link is so large and bulky, it has a lot of room to be iced out beyond belief.


Check Out Migos’ Insane Jewelry Collection

White Gold Gucci Chain


Awhite gold Gucci chain made with diamond simulants looks similar to the chain that Takeoff uses in his solar system accessory. It’s an overall fresh looking chain that can be paired with any outfit.

As for the pendants, you could have anything hang from your chains through customization. Pendant customization lets you be yourself, giving you full freedom over what you want others to notice about you first. 

If you want to be the center of the universe specifically, you could put some of your favorite planets on aCustom Picture Pendant.

Wrap Up

The Migos have so much jewelry that they even wrote a song called “Too Much Jewelry.” Between the three of them, there are at least seven digits worth of precious chains, pendants, rings, and bracelets that define their iconic looks.

But you could look like the fourth Migo without breaking the bank if you just look for high-quality alternatives, like 18k gold plating or Cubic Zirconia diamond simulants. You can be walkin’ it and talkin’ like Migos every single day.


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