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  • 5 min read

Although Justin Bieber started as a teen pop sensation, he has grown and become widely respected in the R&B sector for his smooth notes and deep-cutting beats. And to fit in with this new community that represents this new genre, he needs to look the part.

One of the best ways to symbolize your success in music is by wearing some quality, expensive jewelry, and Bieber has sported some of the best. While he might not be as “over the top” as prominent hip hop icons like Lil Wayne or Kanye West, his subtle jewelry style is unique and emblematic of his quiet persona.

So if you’re looking to copy some of Bieber’s looks for yourself, or if you’ve just never lost those feelings for him ever since he was a teenage heartthrob, here are some of his best jewelry looks.

Summer Camp Necklace

In the summer of 2021, just as people were starting to leave their houses after the second round of COVID-19 lockdowns, there was a major shift in jewelry style. Pre-pandemic, it was all about wearing stunning gold and silver to exude a pristine and confident feel. But post-pandemic, it became more about making a statement with bold and unique pieces.

Bieber posted an Instagram picture wearing a colorful, kitschy, charm-filled necklace that’s assorted with mushroom and gummy bear charms. It might look ostentatious to some, but Bieber was fully in line with the trends. With that said, he would be the only person bold enough to pair it with a black tailored suit.

The funny thing is that this silver chain from Omnis Studios was relatively affordable, with a price tag of only around $200. It shows that jewelry doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to successfully enhance your look.

And in that vein, 6 Ice is the finest purveyor of high-quality jewelry at prices that are fair, reasonable, and accessible. You can find loads of pieces in ourstocked catalogs for even less than what Bieber paid for this chain. The only difference is that you’re also getting a lifetime guarantee to protect your piece in case of everyday wear and tear.

Looking to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe? Try theIced Panda pendant for a Beiber-like appreciation of youthful joy.

Jesus Face Pendant

While Bieber knows how to live modestly by picking up jewelry for under $200, he also isn’t afraid to show off his wealth every now and then. And during a trip to New York, he definitely balled out a little bit to compensate for how much he saved with his summer camp chain.

Bieber took a visit to Avianne & Co on 47th street to pick up ayellow gold, diamond-studded Jesus pendant that is larger than life. It’s a detailed piece that helps Bieber symbolize his devotion to faith without compromising his signature style.

But with great style comes great responsibility — and that’s probably why this piece ran him over $11,000 total. With that said, it seems like a small price to pay for such a stunning pendant.

While you might be fine dropping racks on aJesus pendant, you can match his style without matching his credit card statement. Our Jesus Pendant lets you represent your faith with style for only a fraction of the cost of Bieber’s similar piece.

Handmade Beaded Necklace

If there’s one thing that Bieber likes to show off more than his jewelry looks, it’s his wife, Hailey Bieber. Few celebrity couples are in the spotlight more often than these two, so it’s important that they always look their best. And Justin decided to use his own handyman skills to help her achieve just that. 

Bieber created a custom bead necklace featuring iridescent black beads alongside yellow beads for her birthday. Hailey even added her own personal touch to it by pairing it with a gold word necklace that says “wifey” on the front. It’s a perfect representation of their harmony. Considering they are one of the only celebrity couples who tend to stay out of drama, we can see why they’re doing so well.

Sharing a custom pendant with someone you love is one of the best ways to represent how much you care about them. But you don’t need to be a craftsman like Bieber to make a lasting memory. 6 Ice has all the tools you need to make stunningcustom jewelry of your very own.

Choose betweenpicture pendants,word pendants, and more. Then, choose exactly how you want to customize the piece to fit your style. After that, pick your preferred gold hue, stone type, and matching chain. You get full control from the ground up, so you can truly make a piece that your loved one will wear every single day.

Diamond Cuban Link Chain

Bieber’s jewelry style is much different from a lot of other successful artists in the music industry, and we have to respect him for it. With that said, he also knows a thing or two about the classics, bothpendants and chains. His giant diamond Cuban link chain is just one example of his ability to harken back to traditional styles without compromising his subtle nature.

His diamond chain is large and unmistakable. It uses jagged edges to create a bit of a grisly feel, but the fact that he only seems to wear it by itself makes it feel more nuanced in comparison. We’re not sure exactly how much he spent on this one, but since it probably uses real diamonds andwhite gold, it definitely ran him a couple of grand.

Cuban link chains are extremely popular, and if you’re in themarket for some Cuban chains, remember that you don’t need to spend a million bucks just to look like it. OurDiamond Prong Cuban Chain looks nearly identical to Bieber’s in every way, and it will honestly probably have him wishing that he just shopped here instead.

Pearl Necklace

Diamonds and gold have a major influence on the jewelry game, especially in the world of music. But as we’ve seen, Bieber doesn’t necessarily follow the trends. And his “Tired” pearl necklace is just one example of how he deviates from the pack.

This letter-beaded pendant spells out the word “Tired” while surrounded by stunning pearls. While some pearls might look a bit misshapen, not all pearls are perfectly round. In fact, it seems like the piece uses a combination ofnatural pearls (naturally occurring in the bodies of mollusks) and cultured pearls (pearls raised in mollusks specifically bred to produce pearls).

With that in mind, we think this entire necklace uses real pearls, which definitely ran him a pretty hefty price tag. 

The Essential Collection

Justin Bieber might not be as flashy and over-the-top with his jewelry as some other people in the music industry, but in that way, he sort of stands out from the pack. Bieber focuses on customized, handmade pieces rather than diamonds and gold. Of course, there are a few exceptions.

Copying Bieber’s style is simple, and his modest look is great for someone who is new to wearing jewelry and may have never done it before.6 Ice can help you achieve your full potential with ease.


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