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  • 5 min read

Saying that 2021 has been a golden year might not be the most accurate term in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into one.

In 2021, it’s all about reinventing yourself so that the post-lockdown version of yourself is better than ever. And a great way to do that is by loading up on gold jewelry so that you’re never short on options.

With that said, there are some things you’ll want to know before you buy every piece in the jewelry store.

Here’s your definitive guide to buying gold jewelry in 2021.

Understand Purity Levels

You probably already know that 24 karat gold is the highest quality gold you can find. But what exactly does that mean? And does it really matter?

Karat refers to the measure of pure gold in a given item, not the size of your gold (that’s a carat). So a ring made with 24k gold is the purest that you’d be able to find, and it means that the entire band of the ring is made with solid gold and nothing else.

However, there are plenty of other purity levels of gold as well. 10k gold, for example, is 41.7% pure gold. The rest of the 58.3% is made with an alloy mixture of other metals, such as nickel or stainless steel.

This also means that the higher the karatage, the higher the price, as 100% pure gold is more expensive than 41.7% pure gold. The thing is, gold looks nearly identical regardless of the karatage.

In fact, gold is extremely malleable and prone to damage. 10k, 14k, or 18k gold pieces tend to be more sturdy, so you might want to go with one of these options if you’re looking to wear your jewelry often.

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain 18k Gold

However, the luminance of pure gold is unmatched, and wearing a piece of solid gold jewelry can make you look and feel like a champion. If you’re able to spend a bit more on a more pure gold accessory, we say you should go for it.

Color Yourself Intrigued

Next, you want to make sure you familiarize yourself with gold colors so that you can pick one that works best for your style. In 2021, there are three main gold variations that fit the trends and will work for any occasion.

Yellow Gold

When you think of gold, this is the color that springs into your mind. The yellow, bronze hue of traditional gold is fit for a king, queen, and everything in between. Gold jewelry tends to have an elegant feel, so this might be a good choice for extravagant formal settings. With that said, traditional gold’s hip hop roots make it beg to be worn at your next in-person concert.

White Gold

Platinum is one of those materials that everyone strives to add to their collection, but its steep price tag makes it nearly impossible to achieve. Unless, of course, you go for the next best thing.

White gold is meant to look just like platinum without costing nearly as much. The metallic quality of white gold feels professional, polished, and poised. Pieces that are made with white gold are perfect for casual functions, but they can look just as great when worn with business attire to your next important meeting.

12mm Diamond Cuban Chain White Gold

Not to mention, white gold looks especially icy when paired with stunning diamond gemstones. The sparkling diamond flows perfectly alongside the essence of white gold, making for a piece that feels subdued yet bold all at the same time.

Rose Gold

Speaking of bold, if your goal is to make moves and really stand out wherever you go, rose gold is a great option. Rose gold is made by combining pure gold with copper, and the end result is a pinkish hue that retains the reflectiveness of pure gold.

Rose gold is typically a women-focused jewelry item, but in 2021, it’s time for men to break down some boundaries. Anyone can wear some rose gold jewelry if they’re looking to take their style to a whole new level.

Choose Gold Plating or Solid Gold

After you’ve decided on how you want your jewelry to look, you’ll need to think about how you’ll want it to be made. 

24k gold is the purest gold you can find, and it’s easy to spot a 24k piece as opposed to those of lower purity. The thing is, it’s much more expensive than less pure options.

As an alternative, you can get a gold-plated piece rather than one made with solid gold. These are nearly identical to solid gold pieces because they are made with real gold; it’s just a much thinner layer. Gold plating is accomplished by overlaying a small layer of gold over top of a more inexpensive base metal, such as silver or stainless steel.

Gold plating is a great option, though they require more maintenance and cleaning in order to prevent wear and tear. If you’re someone who’s committed to cleaning your jewelry often and avoiding harsh chemical irritants, there’s no reason not to go with gold plating.

Find a Reputable Retailer

The final and arguably most important factor that you’ll want to take into consideration when buying gold jewelry in 2021 is making sure you’re getting your products from a reputable retailer.

There are a lot of fakes out there, and in 2021, it’s time to cut them out. You can find quality retailers by looking for a few things.

For one, look for retailers that offer plenty of pricing options, including solid gold and gold plating options. By offering affordable and fairly-priced alternatives to the real thing, it shows that the jeweler is committed to providing high-quality jewelry: not cashing a check.

Additionally, check to see if the retailer offers a lifetime guarantee on their products so that you can work out a refund or exchange in the event that your piece breaks from normal wear and tear. Not only does this cover your purchase, but it shows that the retailer is confident in their quality and willing to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Looking for a retailer that matches all of these criteria and more? 6 Ice is your one-stop shop for high-quality gold chains, bracelets, rings, pendants, and more.

The Golden Rule

Buying gold jewelry is exciting, and it’s a great way to amp up your wardrobe for the post-lockdown functions that are sure to make this fall much better than the last.

As you search for the perfect piece, familiarize yourself with purity levels so you can find the right price. Additionally, make sure you know which gold color works best for you, and see if plating or solid gold makes the most sense for your personality. When all is said and done, the last step is to buy from a retailer you can trust.

But above all, the most important rule is to keep experimenting. The only wrong way to buy gold jewelry is to not buy any at all, so keep your outfits stacked with as many options as can be.



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