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3mm Franco Chain White Gold

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3mm Franco Chain 18k Gold

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What Is a Franco Chain and Where Can I Buy One?

One of the best things about gold chains is that there seems to be a never-ending assortment of styles and combinations. From white gold Cuban chains to rose gold mariner chains, there’s a piece for everyone.

And if we’re talking about chain variations that look good oneveryone, there really is no better example than the franco chain. These are casual yet formal. They’re subtle yet bold. They’re timeless yet modern.

Essentially, they’re exactly what you need in your wardrobe.

Let’s talk about what makes these chains stand out from the rest. Get your credit card ready because you’ll be eager to buy one right away.

What Is a Franco Chain?

Franco chains are a popular chain design because of their similarity to Cuban chains, which are arguably the most well-known chain design of all time. The difference between them is that franco chains have an extra four sides that are braided into a distinct “V” pattern.

Micro Cuban Chain 3mm 18k Gold

They’re named after an Italian jewelry designer who invented the design. It’s meant to elevate the classic curb chain by giving it a stronger and sturdier look in comparison. Not to mention, it tends to be more durable than most other alternative chain variations as well.

The intricacy of franco chains reflects craftsmanship and ingenuity, making you look like an instant champion from the second you throw it on. 

Where To Buy a Franco Chain

Franco chains aren’t just sleek and refined: their interlocked links make them some of the more sturdy and durable pieces you can put on your body. Of course, the quality of the piece has a lot to do with where you buy. There are some things you should look for in a retailer before you buy.

First, buy from a place that offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. If your product becomes damaged during normal wear, lifetime guarantees give you the ability to replace the piece for free.

Not only do lifetime guarantees give you some insurance on your product, but they are also indicative of a higher quality piece. Companies that offer guarantees are confident that your piece will stand the test of time, to begin with, so they’re more than willing to replace your item if something happens.

6mm Franco Chain White Gold

Also, look for retailers that offer a wide variety of chains to choose from. Franco chains can come in all sorts of colors, widths, and lengths, such as white gold. You’ll definitely want to check out places that can offer variations to match any occasion or personality.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you're getting your franco chain for a fair price. Many jewelers make low-quality jewelry but charge mint prices. You don’t want to fall into one of those traps. You want to make sure that the price matches the quality of the product. For a franco chain, you really shouldn’t be spending more than $200.

So, are there any places that match all of these criteria? 6 ICE LLC offers a lifetime guarantee on their vast selection of chains, bracelets, pendants, and more. Plus, inexpensive and fairly priced solid gold, gold vermeil, and gold plated pieces make it so that anyone can get their hands on some high-quality jewelry.

How To Find the Best Franco Chain

Wearing chains is a great way to take your existing wardrobe and take it to the next level without needing to completely revolutionize your look. But since franco chains are so intricate and complex, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking all of the details into consideration before you buy.

Pick a Color

Franco chains can come in all sorts of different colors, though the two most common are traditional gold and white gold. Traditional gold has that bronzey appearance that exudes a contemporary feel, harkening back to the hip-hop icons that defined a generation. These types are especially popular for people who are looking to make a statement look the next time they go out.

3mm Franco Chain 18k Gold

White gold, on the other hand, is reminiscent of platinum. Its metallic, modern sheen gives it more of a formal feel. These are perfect for wearing to work or an important job interview. With that said, they’d catch the light perfectly in a nightclub or bar.

Watch the Width

Like all chains, franco chains come in a variety of widths. Generally, the thicker the width, the bigger the statement you’ll make.

Franco chains in thinner widths, such as 3mm or 6mm, tend to be a bit more popular because they leave room to throw on a pendant. Not to mention, they don’t overpower the rest of the outfit and serve to amplify your look rather than drown it out.

Of course, thicker franco chains have their place. Chains that are above 12mm tend to be for statement looks. These are great ways to draw attention and turn some heads the next time you go out and about.

Think About Purpose

Many other chains are a bit too bold and flashy to work in a formal setting. However, the great thing about franco chains is that they can work in both a casual and a formal environment. The only thing is that you’ll definitely want to wear a thinner chain if you’re attending a formal event, and you may also want to consider adding a pendant.

Tips for Wearing Franco Chains

Now that you’ve got your franco chain from a reputable and trusted source, it’s time to show it off. There’s really no way to go wrong, but there are a few tips and tricks to make the piece really mesh with the rest of your appearance.

For one, you might want to consider layering up. Since franco chains are thin, they leave a lot of room for you to wear two to three chains at one time. The layered look feels lighter and more refined than a singular thick chain, but it takes up just as much space. If you decide to do this, just make sure your chains are all the same color.
Also, white gold franco chains look super clean when paired with diamond pieces, such as earrings or bracelets. Having jewelry in different areas of your body helps to make you seem more balanced as opposed to just wearing a singular piece around your neck.

Baguette Pyramid Pendant

Finally, don’t be afraid to add a pendant to thinner franco chains to really give people a sense of your personality. Pendants are an extremely unique way to express yourself, and franco chains act as the perfect canvas for you to work on.

Iced Chains

Franco chains are a variation of the classic Cuban chain that are more intricate and complex. They’re sturdy, subtle, yet extremely bold when worn properly.

You want to make sure you’re buying your franco chains from places that offer lifetime guarantees at prices that are in line with the piece’s value. 6 Ice LLC is the epitome of a high-quality jeweler at inexpensive price points.

After you’ve made your selection, feel free to layer up, add a pendant, or pair the chain with diamond earrings or bracelets. Really, the only way to go wrong is by never getting one in the first place.



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