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  • 5 min read

2020 and 2021 have undoubtedly been two years filled with change. And while many social gatherings have moved virtual, it doesn’t mean you should stop caring about the way you look.

Stand out on your next Zoom call by taking your jewelry game to a whole new level. 2021 is the time to finally push the boundaries and wear some combinations that have never been seen before.

Whether you’ve got three chains or 300, there’s never a wrong time to start refreshing your style.

Here are our top ten unique ideas to make 2021 a year to remember:

1. Layer Your Chains

In the formative years of hip hop, the only way to show your worth was by wearing so many chains that it hurt your neck. While single chains were commonplace for most of the 2010s, the turn of the century is harkening back to the icons of the 80s.

15mm Prong Baguette Gucci Curb Chain 2 Tone 18k & White Gold

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to wear multiple chains at one time to show everyone that you spent quarantine making bank.

2. Use Rings As Necklaces

While rings will always have their place on your fingers, you can get more out of them by attaching them to your favorite chain. Just undo the latch on the back of your chain and slide the ring on. 

Clustered Heart Ring White Gold

One of the major complaints by people who don’t love rings is that they often go unnoticed by being on their hands. This is a great way to fix that problem without having to ditch your stunning rings.

3. Make Your Own Pendant

While using a ring as a pendant can let you customize to an extent, you can take full control by designing your own custom pendant from the ground up. Write your favorite words, include your favorite pictures, choose a metal, and more. Creating your very own piece of jewelry that’s entirely individualized is a surefire way to make auniquejewelry item.

Custom Script Pendant w/ Black Diamonds on Tennis Chain

4. Go Big or Go Home

While slim chains have their place and are necessary if you want to sport some pendants, 2021 is about going big. You’ll want to make sure you get some chains that are at least 15mm in width to turn some heads and stand out among a crowd.

15mm Prong Baguette Gucci Curb Chain White Gold

You can even try to supplement your giant chains with some of the smaller ones at the same time. This will help make your giant chains pop even more.

5. Mix and Match

One of the most universal rules of jewels is to make sure your pieces match. For example, if you’ve got a white gold tennis bracelet, you’ll want to double-check that your chains and rings match.

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet White Gold

However, if you want to stand out and you want to be seen as someone who breaks boundaries, you’ll need to break the rules. Don’t be afraid to wear two different metals at the same time.

6. Two Ears = Two Different Earrings

Just like mixing and matching your metals, you should definitely start mixing and matching your earrings in 2021. Our favorite combination is a diamond stud in one ear and then a hanging earring in the other. It adds contrast to your look without looking too off-balance.

Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

The only thing we recommend is to ensure that both of the earrings match in color. While you can get away with mixing up chains, earrings look their best when the metals are uniform.

7. Get a Locket

Despite the fact that lockets have been some of the most popular pieces of jewelry since the Victorian Era, they’ve sort of fallen out of popular culture since then. However, 2021 is a year of change, and there’s no better time to bring these unique jewelry pieces back into style.

Heart Locket Custom Picture Pendant

You can fill your locket with a picture of a loved one so you can hold them close at all times. Or, you can put yourself inside and make it a perfect gift for your partner. It’s a versatile piece that’s an amazing way to amp up your style before 2022 comes around.

8. Fill Up On Rings

Many people are afraid to go too overboard with the rings on their fingers. But if you want to stand out, you can never wear too many. We think that you can wear at least two to three rings on each hand to find a nice balance between subtlety and flashiness.

Spinning Layered Diamond Ring 14k White Gold

With that said, use your best judgment to make sure you’re not wearing too many rings at one time. If you can see less skin than rings, you might be doing a little too much.

9. Use Your Jewelry as Decor

The main use of jewelry is to decorate yourself, but who’s to say you can’t use it to decorate your room? A pristine piece of jewelry is a work of art. Place all of your rings in display cases, drape your chains over sculptures, or proudly present your pendants in some frames on the wall.

It’s a perfect way to show off your collection in your Zoom background without having to go overboard on yourself. Plus, you can easily look at your entire collection whenever you decide to wear one out to the club.

10. Try Something New

Although all of these ideas are sure to make you stand out in 2021, the most unique thing you can do is try something you’ve never done before. Never found yourself to like wearing rings? Now’s the time to show some off. Always thought you didn’t like white gold chains? Experiment with a few different options.

If you’re bold enough to step outside of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before, people will take notice. And even if they don’t, you’re giving yourself the ability to expand your arsenal of high-quality accessories.

Step Forward With Style

2021 has been a year of great transformation. And if you want to show people that you’ve changed for the better, these ten unique jewelry ideas are easy ways to start.

Something as simple as wearing a ring as a necklace or layering up with a bunch of bold chains can give you a new perspective on your old pieces. Not to mention, try mixing and matching different styles or wearing different types of earrings in both ears.

And if all else fails, you can just make your very own custom pendant to be the epitome of unique wherever you go.

You can’t fail with any of these unique ideas, but don’t stop there. Keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries until you develop your very own sense of style.



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