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Nicki Minaj Jewelry: 7 Top Jewelry Looks

When you hear someone refer to the “queen,” you’d be surprised how seldom people are actually talking about England. They’re probably talking about the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap: Nicki Minaj.

The Trinidadian rapper is known for her animated flow and lyricism, as well as her alter egos and accents that she uses throughout her songs. There aren’t many people who wouldn’t be able to recognize her iconic cadence — but perhaps her iconic style is even more easily recognizable.

As one of the few female rappers in the game, Minaj sets herself apart by having one of the most polished and intricate jewelry collections on the planet.

Let’s take a look at her top looks and how you can match her one-of-a-kind vibe.

1. Gold Choker Necklace

Nicki Minaj has a chokehold over the hip hop space, and she’s got the jewelry to prove it. Her gold choker necklace is truly like no other, and it’s definitely representative of her tough, gritty new style.

The piece is made entirely of solid gold, and it features multiple layers that line her entire neck from the collarbone up to the chin. It’s sort of like a turtleneck crossed with a necklace, and the end result is truly stunning.

Skin-tight necklaces, like chokers, are extremely popular in women’s fashion, but you don’t need to spend as much as we’re sure Minaj did.

This3mm Diamond Cut Tennis Chain comes in variable sizes and lengths to suit your preferences. And with the choice between white or solid gold, you can base your look around her as closely as you’d like.

2. Cross Pendant

Despite Minaj’s often provocative lyricism, she still incorporates her religion and faith into a number of her songs. And she even likes to outwardly show off her faith through her jewelry, like in her famous cross pendant.

While this piece is simple, it’s entirely dignified, and it’s symbolic of her soft soul despite her tough appearance. It’s encrusted in pure handset diamond gemstones, making for an exceptionally polished piece that’s impossible to miss.

You can attract just as many crazy fans as Minaj with this nearly identicalCross Pendant from 6 Ice. It’s an expression of your faith just as much as it’s a perfect complement to any outfit.

3. Ice Cream Pendant

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to making statements, and at the MTV Video Music Awards, she was seen soft-serving looks with an oversized ice cream pendant. And when we say oversized, we mean it. This pendant is probably the same size as an actual XL ice cream cone from your local dairy store.

This colorful, swirling, custom pendant worked as a perfect accompaniment to the colorful outfit that she wore the same day. But what’s just as stunning is the dual-colored pink and blue chain that the pendant hangs from. 

While pendants can tell stories and help you explore your individuality, they can also just serve the purpose of amping up your outfits. ThisPoptart Pendant is just as colorful, but since it’s loaded with handsetCZ crystals, it might even have Nicki Minaj feeling insecure about her own piece.

4. Heart Pendant

Despite her demeanor and the content of her songs, Nicki Minaj has lots of love for her fans. And we like to think that her diamond heart pendant is representative of just that.

Her small yet eye-popping piece is made with pure diamonds handset over stunningwhite gold. It makes for a clean and pristine piece from all sides, and it acts as an amazing contrast to her complexion. It reflects the light almost perfectly, making it a can’t-miss piece despite its small surface area.

Heart pendants are a must-have accessory for any collection, but you can take it a step further by making sure your heart pendant is actually a locket.Heart lockets give you the dazzling exterior beauty of a typical heart pendant while repping the sentimentality and individuality of a custom pendant. You can fill the inside with a photo of anyone, or anything, to hold close to your real heart at all times.

5. Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are meant to be symbolic of eternal love, and the rule of thumb is that a man should spend two months’ worth of his salary on the rock. And we’re not sure how much her current husband, Kenny Petty, makes in a year, but if his $1.1 million wedding ring is any indication, he does pretty well for himself.

This ring is somehow worth the price. It has an intricate, thick, spiral band that’s attached to a giant, pure diamond. The couple had a quiet, small wedding reception — so our guess is that he used the money saved to really go all out on this stunning piece.

Choosing the right wedding ring for the person you love can be tough, but choosing the right accessories to go along with it can be even tougher. Take a look at some of thetop iced-out link chains that are currently in style so that you can always feel confident in your look.

6. Costume Hoop Earrings

Minaj likes to accessorize and dress up justlike the Barbie doll herself, but Minaj still maintains an elegance and glamor that nothing can beat.

And her giant golden costume hoop earrings are a perfect example of just how bold she can go. The large, golden beads are interlocked with diamond and white gold spheres for a contrast that feels like it was made in heaven.

She wore these hoop earrings at the Marc Jacobs Spring Show in 2018. These are entirely timeless even though they’re four years old. High-quality jewelry is always in season.

Earrings are one of the best ways to amp up your style, but you don’t need to make a statement like Minaj. Smaller, sophisticated earrings like theseClustered Diamond Earrings can make waves without causing an entire tsunami.

7. Barbie Word Pendant

If she’s not calling herself the Queen, she’s calling herself Barbie. And in order to let the entire world know who she is, she taunted a Barbie name pendant at the 2012 Oscar de la Renta spring fashion show.

This is a piece that speaks for itself, but it doesn’t make it any less respectable. It’s plated with solid gold but covered in pure diamonds, creating a striking balance that looks absolutely perfect around her neck.

You can make your own Barbie necklace or write any word of your choosing by making your owncustom word pendant. It’s a great way to label yourself or send some love to a special someone by honoring them every time you throw it on.

The Queen Has Spoken

The Queen of Rap could also be labeled the Queen of Jewelry, and Nicki Minaj can definitely hold her own even compared to the men who have long dominated the chain game. From her highly stylized pendants to her intricate chokers, Minaj has continued to cement herself as one of the top names in hip hop.

Want to look and feel just like her?6 Ice can give you confidence in your jewelry purchase through our wide catalog of the hottest styles and trends. Couple that with free shipping on orders over $300, as well as a lifetime guarantee, and you’ll know that you’re getting quality worthy of the Queen herself.


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