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  • 5 min read

Despite Lil Durk’s name, everything he does is BIG. From getting featured on Drake’s hit “Laugh Now Cry Later” and  “Who Want Smoke?” by Nardo Wick, he knows a thing or two about showing off raw talent.

But being an ingenious rapper isn’t the only thing that this Chicago-based artist has up his sleeves. He also has one of the most stunning jewelry collections in the game.

Let’s take a look at his collection so that maybe you can get some ideas for amping up your own look.

“OTF” Pendant: $25,000

Lil Durk is a respectable man, and he exemplifies this with his absolutely stunning custom “OTF” pendant. The acronym stands for “Only the Family,” which represents the rap collective that he started in 2010. It’s the perfect statement piece that gives you a great idea of his character before he ever opens his mouth.

While you might not be able to get your hands on this exact type of piece, you can certainly get a pendant with just as much style for just a fraction of the cost. ThisBig Jesus Piece is just as giant and just as symbolic of your personal beliefs. Plus, its stunning white gold finish is on par with Durk’s piece, letting you feel like just as much of a champion.

Or, you can take it a step further and recreate this iconic piece by making your owncustom pendant to match. You can go all-in with the OTF logo, or feel free to add your own personal twist. We’ve got all the tools you need to create a piece that you’ll never want to take off.

Rolex Gold Watch: $95,000

Watches are one of the most mature pieces of jewelry, especially since they have a functional purpose outside of just looking amazing on your wrists. The thing is, Lil Durk’s watch might put the other ones to shame.

This solid gold piece is encrusted with pure diamonds on all sides, which probably explains the nearly $100k price tag. It reflects the light in a way that’s so unmatched that the glare might make it impossible to actually read the time.

But don’t worry, you can still look just as good without needing to have the same icon status as Lil Durk. ThisIced Presidential Watch in 18k Gold looks just as stunning, but it’s at a price point that’s much more accessible.

Not to mention, this one comes with your choice of a colorful watch face, which lets it stand out even more from the run-of-the-mill golden watches on the market.

705 Gram Cuban Link Chain: $85,000

If you know a thing or two about jewelry, you’re probably already familiar with the Cuban link chain. These iconic links are a staple of any rapper’s jewelry collection, but Lil Durk’s massive piece stands out from the rest.

This stunning chain is thick, bold, and beautiful, clocking in at 705 grams of pure gold and brilliant diamonds. We’re not really sure how Durk doesn’t have scoliosis from wearing this thing all the time, but we think that a bit of an injury is a small price to pay for having this much clout.

But Durk also could have saved a pretty penny by getting a nearly identical chain from 6 Ice. ThisDiamond Prong Cuban Chain has just as much luster and vibrancy—the only difference is that it doesn’t cost the same as a small home. If Durk finds out how affordable your nearly identical piece was, he’ll have wished hethought his purchase through a little bit more.

“300” Ring: $23,000

Chicago has a richhistory of African American art, music, and culture. And considering how many artists originate from this metropolis, it’s proof that it’s one of the most important epicenters of hip hop, rap, and R&B.

To show off his appreciation for his roots, Durk sports a $23,000 ring with the number 300 emblazoned on the front. This number represents the “Black Disciples,” a Chicago-based “folk” gang that acts more as a religious group as opposed to a traditional gang.

Lil Durk is still an active member, so this stunning ring lets him show appreciation for his beliefs while also recognizing where he came from.

For a piece that’s just as big and bold as Durk’s piece, theseStar Rings are the way to go. They’ve got a giant surface area that’s loaded with pristine diamonds and plated with your choice of golden hue. It’ll have Durk hoping that you’d be willing to trade pieces.

Cuban Link Bracelet: $15,000

Cuban links are one of the most iconic chain variations on the market, which explains why it’s used in pretty much every single type of jewelry you can find. In addition to finding these overlapping ovals on necklaces, you can also show off their glory on your wrists.

And Lil Durk loves piling on his gold and diamond Cuban bracelets whenever he leaves the house. He’s admitted himself that he doesn’t really like wearing Cuban rings because he much prefers to wear the bracelets, so if you take a peek at his fit during his next concert, your eyes will likely be drawn to his wrists instead of his fingers.

While Durk’s $15,000 chains are undoubtedly gorgeous and high quality, you can accomplish the same for just a fraction of the cost. Ourcollection of high-quality bracelets is one of the best in the game right now, and you might even be able to find the perfect match for less than $100. And if you told people you dropped just as much as Durk, they’d have every reason to believe you.

Diamond Tennis Chain: $17,000

Tennis chains have aunique history and are some of the most iconic pieces on the market for many good reasons. They’re sleek, refined, professional, and eye-catching. Plus, they’re a more subtle piece in comparison to some of the larger and bolder chain variations in your arsenal.

Lil Durk loves them so much; he doesn’t just stop at one tennis chain. In fact, he’s frequently seen sporting three of them at once for a grand total of over $50,000 in gold and diamonds. 

For the same price, you can layer hundreds of high-quality tennis chains on your own neck. This5mm Round Cut Tennis Chain in White Gold is subtle and sleek on its own and will work with any outfit. But you can mix and match it like Durk for a more “in your face” modification that will have everyone at the function turning your way.

Success Story

Lil Durk is one of the most respected Chicago-based rappers, and he has no reason to be subtle about his success. From his $17,000 tennis chains to his $95,000 watch, he’s got money to spare in order to amp up his style.

6 Ice is the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry that can max out your style without maxing out your credit cards. From custom pendants to high-quality chains, we’ve got a little bit of everything to help you look and feel as distinguished as the hip hop legends that inspired us.


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