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Cardi B Shows Off Crazy Jewelry Collection

Hip hop has long been a male dominated facet of the music industry. But in recent years, female rappers have stolen the stage, showing the world that excellence, talent, and prestige aren’t limited to men.

Among the female rapping pioneers are notable names like Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat that have taken the industry by storm. However, there really isn’t any rapper whose personality is as recognizable as Cardi B.


Cardi B Shows Off Crazy Jewelry Collection


While Cardi is known for her music, she’s adored because of her blunt, fun, and comedic personality. Endlessly quotable, she’s cemented herself into the hip hop’s hall of fame faster than most other artists.

And because of that, she’s got the money to prove it. Combined with her tumultuous marriage with her equally successful husband Offset, Cardi has no shortage of bling at her disposal.

Here is a look at some of the pristine (albeit expensive) jewelry that Cardi shows off on a daily basis. Plus, we’ll look at how you can replicate her look without denting the bank account.

The 100 Carat Diamond Ring

Whenever you see Cardi in an interview or music video, she’s always sporting icy chains, rings, and bracelets. She’s unabashedly successful, and it’s visual proof to all of her haters that she’s made a name for herself all on her own.

But when your husband, Offset, is also a famed rapper, it means that you’re always going to be gifted with extraordinary bling. One of the most talked about pieces in Cardi’s collection was a birthday gift from Offset. This diamond shaped ring is stunning to look at, mostly because it is huge. In fact, it is a whopping 100 carat pure diamond piece.

Reportedly, Offset spent $500 thousand dollars on the ring, and that mostly fits the bill. A one carat diamond is out of bounds for most of us, let alone 100 times that.

Better Alternative

It’s tough to look at the rock on Cardi’s hand and not want to have one of your own. Luckily, you can find something just as fresh at a minimal fraction of the $500 thousand cost.

The most striking thing about the ring is it’s size. The average size of an engagement ring in the United States ranges from 1.08 to 1.2 carats, so Offset’s gift was definitely above average. 

Diamond simulants look just like the real thing but don’t come with nearly the same price tag.Cubic Zirconia is a popular alternative because it has a similar quality and durability to pure diamond. It can be styled, cut, and sized exactly the same way as the real thing.


Glacier Ring


So, you can mimic Cardi’s bling with aGlacier Ring that has an equally huge caratage that will make people wonder where all of your money is coming from. It looks amazing, especially if you ice out the rest of your hand with other accessories.

The Iced Out Cuban Chain

When your husband is part of Migos, it means that your birthday gifts are probably going to be on the more expensive end. For Cardi’s 26th birthday, Offset bought her bracelets, chains, and rings, and put them all in their daughter Kulture's name.


Cardi B Shows Off Crazy Jewelry Collection


But one of the most striking gifts was definitely the two Cuban chains that she now often hangs around her neck. These are made with pure diamond and solid gold, and it’s estimated that he spent six digits total.

Cuban chains are iconic link styles especially in the hip hop fashion sphere, but Cardi’s pieces are exceptionally large, shiny, and pristine.

Better Alternative

The Cuban chain look begs to be replicated, but spending hundreds of thousands is a lot less desirable. Diamond jewelry is really only expensive because of the gem’s hype, and since your overall appearance is what matters, you can match that easily and inexpensively.

Cuban chains are recognizable by their oval-shaped, uniform links that are interconnected by each other. It makes for a large amount of surface area that can be studded with diamonds and plated with gold.

While Cardi’s Cuban chain is probably made of solid gold, you can get the same effect without spending that much at all.Gold electroplating is a technique used to make accessible jewelry. It involves plating real, pure gold over a base metal, like stainless steel or silver. It gives the appearance of solid gold at only a fraction of the cost.


19mm Diamond Cuban Chains in Gold


This lets you buy nearly identical19mm Diamond Cuban Chains in Gold at a much cheaper price point than Offset’s big spending. And if you really want to look and feel like Cardi, throw on awhite gold chain as well to really nail her opulent essence.

The Lola Bunny Pendant

No chain is complete without a dazzling pendant dangling from the bottom, and no one knows that better than Cardi B. She rarely gets caught wearing a naked chain.


Cardi B Shows Off Crazy Jewelry Collection


Pendants let you show off your personality better than most other pieces of jewelry. At Coachella in 2018, Cardi was spotted wearing a Lola Bunny pendant that was bursting with pure diamonds. In total, the piece ran her $400 thousand dollars.

The Lola Bunny pendant is the epitome of Cardi’s irreverent personality -- and the price tag follows suit. 

Better Alternative

Pendants are bold ways to add some shine to your style, and the best way to do that is to customize some yourself. You can customize your own pendants from respected jewelers to get the look you’ve always wanted.


Classic Handwriting Custom Pendant

If you want a Lola Bunny pendant, maybe try acustomizable rectangle picture pendant to show off your favorite characters in full view. And if you wanted to show your love for your favorite female rappers, you could even get acustom letter pendant in their name.

And the best part is these will use the same high-quality alternatives to pure gold and diamond, letting you fill up the repertoire to your heart’s content.

The 18k White Gold Watch

Even celebrities need to know what time it is, and watches do just that. But in typical Cardi B fashion, her time-telling device is just as flashy as her personality.

Cardi wears a Audemars Piguet 18k gold watch with VS1 Baguette cut diamonds. It’s a stunning piece that doesn’t have a single diamond-less spot. It’s so iced out that she probably gets distracted everytime she looks down.

But as you might have guessed by now, this piece didn’t come cheap. Cardi dropped $105 thousand dollars on the watch, which is arguably inexpensive compared to her other accessories. Of course, that’s still out of our own price ranges.

Better Alternative

Watches have a large surface area that can be iced out to the max, making them huge conversation starters. If you want to have a similar look at a not-so similar price, you have lots of options.

What’s interesting about Cardi’s watch is that the diamonds are VS, meaning that blemishes are“Very Slightly” included. This isn’t noticeable from afar, but up close, you might see that the gems don’t reflect the light in the ways that a flawless diamond should.


 Iced Jet Setter Watch


In that sense, if you go for diamond alternatives, you might actually have a better chance of giving off the appearance of higher quality gems. ThisIced Jet Setter Watch is iced out in the exact same way as Cardi’s $105 thousand investment, but this one uses VVS diamond simulants. This means that inclusions and blemishes are even more difficult to notice when compared to Cardi’s.

So not only are you spending less, but it looks like you have an even higher quality piece around your wrist.

Wrap Up

We know and love Cardi B because of her hit songs and her hysterical personality. But we also love her because she isn’t afraid to show off what she’s worth.

From diamond rings to Cuban chains, from custom pendants to blinding watches, Cardi knows a thing or two about how to create her look. And even though most of us don’t have superstar husbands to drop $500k on our next jewelry purchase, you don’t need to have a million bucks to look like you do.

With diamond alternatives and gold plating techniques, you could look just like Cardi without maxing out the credit cards. 


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