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Balling Pendants For Your Chain

Pendants were some of theearliest known jewelry items ever constructed and worn. The fact that they’ve remained one of the most popular pieces since then is a testament to their sentimentality and ability to draw attention.

With COVID era restrictions being lifted, it's time to stand out. You need to get some killer pendants to wear around your chains to show people that you’ve gained a newfound sense of style while being stuck indoors.

Here are some of our favorite pendants that are sure to look prestigious on any type of chain.

The Pendant-Chain Combo

Before you can even start looking at pendants, you need to make sure you have a high-quality chain at your disposal so you can actually wear it. And there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

For one, make sure the chain is 5mm or less in width so that your pendant can actually attach to it. And if you want the pendant to be the main attraction, you may want to stay on the smaller end of the spectrum if you can.

As for length, that mostly comes to personal preference. Longer chains will harken back to thehip hop icons of earlier generations, whereas shorter chains are more in-style with current trends. Regardless, this isn’t an area where you can go wrong.

When you’re picking your pendant, you’ll also want to make sure that it matches the chain. White gold pendants on a traditional gold chain don't look as good as a matching pendant and chain. Definitely keep the metals and gemstones uniform when you can.

Finally, make sure youkeep your chain clean. A dirty chain might as well be no chain at all.

1. Iced Praying Hand Pendant

Religious pendants are among the most common types of medallions because of their meaning. Keeping your faith close to you is important to remind yourself of your beliefs while also proudly displaying your religion for the world to see.

Iced Praying Hand Pendant

While cross pendants are a classic for a reason, they don’t give you the surface area to truly amplify the piece with as many diamonds as possible. That’s why thisIced Praying Hand pendant can let you get the best of both worlds.

Boasting over 5 cm worth of room for handset stones, this is a perfect combination of religious representation and pure finesse. It will blind people on the street as you walk by them while also showing them that you are a devoted follower of your faith.

2. Broken Heart Pendant

Pendants are one of the only jewelry items that can tell a story of their own. Each one can represent struggles, challenges, or important events in your life.

Broken Heart Pendant

ABroken Heart pendant is one of the more interesting pendants because it canmean something different for everyone. Maybe it’s to represent a break-up that you’ve overcome, or maybe it’s to show people that you, yourself, are a heartbreaker.

Regardless, this is another one that has plenty of surface area to work with, giving it room to glisten and shine in any kind of light. With options in traditional gold and white gold, you can look stylish even while you’re out breaking hearts.

3. Poptart Pendant

While pendants can represent something as meaningful as your faith or as personal as a breakup, they also don’t really need to mean anything at all. Some pendants are just meant to look cool or complementary to your outfit.

Poptart Pendant

ThisPoptart pendant is a prime example of a medallion that’s not meant to be taken seriously. With unique rose-colored stones to act as sprinkles on the white icing, this pendant will have people hungry for more.

This type of jewelry shows that you sort of just roll with the flow, and you like to have fun. Not every pendant needs to have some sentimental meaning -- if you like how one looks, then add it to your collection.

4. World is Yours Pendant

When you wear a diamond-studded chain or pendant, it really can feel like the entire world fits into the palm of your hand. Remind yourself and the people around you that the world really is yours with a unique, dynamic pendant.

Theworld is yours pendant incorporates hand-cut diamonds like most other pendants, but this one has a three-dimensional design that literally pops. It does all of the talking for you, letting everyone know that you are a force to be reckoned with.

This type of pendant stands out from the rest because it takes on a spherical design rather than just a flat, two-dimensional surface. It not only gives the piece an unmatched depth, but it also provides even more room to cover with premium gemstones.

5. Savage Pendant

Not every pendant needs to be a picture of a symbol. Words and phrases can be worn around your neck in the same way. 

Savage Pendant

Word pendants don’t leave anything to the imagination -- they tell it like it is. And thisSavage Pendant gives people insight into one of your key personality traits before they ever even get to know you.

Word pendants are powerful ways to combine some of your best catchphrases with quality gemstones and metal plating. They’re great additions to your collection for the days when you don’t feel like wearing a traditional piece.

Didn’t Find Anything You Like?

As baller as these options are, they might not be for you. Recognizing what youdon’tlike is essential for being able to see what youdo.

One of the easiest ways to find a pendant that fits your style perfectly is by making one yourself. Custom pendants are one of the most popular jewelry trends in 2021, and you can be a part of the action.

Personalized pendants let you add your favorite pictures or phrases onto a medallion of your choosing. Have some say over the metal plating and finish, as well as the accompanying chain, for a look that screams “you.”

Popping Pendants

Pendants are one of the only jewelry items where you can really show off a side of your personality unlike any other.

First things first, make sure the chain and the pendant complement each other nicely. That means they use the same metals and colors. Additionally, the chain needs to be the right size to actually be able to hold the piece.

When it comes time to choose the pendant, there are plenty of options. Show off your faith with a praying pendant, or just have some fun with a Poptart pendant. Maybe you want to tell a story with a broken heart pendant or keep the earth in the palm of your hand with a world is yours pendant. No matter what, you’re sure to make waves at the next social gathering.

And if you still can’t find something that really speaks to you, just make something yourself. Customized jewelry is one of the best ways to really show off a side of yourself that no one has ever seen before.



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