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42 Dugg Flexing His Insane Jewelry Collection

Dion Marquise Hayes is better known for his hip hop alter ego 42 Dugg. You probably know a lot about his music from hits like “We Paid” and “4 Da Gang.” Since being signed to Yo Gotti’s and Lil Baby’s 4 Pockets Full Record Label, he’s only gotten even more notable.

With notoriety comes success, and with success comes a whole lot of cash. And 42 Dugg has not been afraid to show off both of those things with some of the most dazzling jewelry in the entire game.

Let’s take a look at this rapper’s insane jewelry collection so you can start to get some ideas of your own for how to craft your own look.

Diamond 42 Chain

It’s not often that everyone’s first-ever chain is one made of solid gold and diamonds the size of your head. However, 42 Dugg likes to break down traditional barriers like that. This 42 chain is giant, and it’s covered with solid diamonds and crystals on all sides.

The pendant is emblematic of his hip hop stage name. But the number 42 has a more complex meaning for the rapper. “42” is a numerical reference to a local Crips gang known as the Hustle Boys. Not to mention, he received this pendant immediately after being released from prison.

He was incarcerated at age 15 for carjacking, and a fight with an inmate extended his prison stay until he was 22. During that time, he practiced lyric writing and songwriting. When he was released, he was given this pendant by his friends to commemorate the start of a new life.

This is just one example of how a pendant can have extremely personal and individual meanings. Creating your own custom pendant allows you to memorialize an important milestone in your life without sacrificing your style. Check out 6 Ice’s collection of custom jewelry to make one with just as much heart as 42 Dugg’s.

Scooby-Doo Pendant

Everyone grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, but not everybody can wear $20,000 worth of Saturday morning cartoons around their neck. 42 Dugg revealed that everyone calls him “doggy,” probably because of how similar it sounds to his rapper name, so he got a diamond-studded Scooby-Doo pendant to symbolize it.

This is a large, detailed piece that is covered on all sides with handset gems. It also hangs from a diamond tennis chain that is probably valued at thousands of dollars in and of itself. Dugg even revealed that he got one for his son, so he can share in his style once he grows old enough.

Not every piece of jewelry needs to mean something super deep and meaningful. Sometimes, you just want something fun to wear to the club or a dinner. This Iced Panda Pendant in 18k Gold is fun, quirky, detailed, and statement-setting just like 42 Dugg’s Scooby-Doo piece. The only difference is that it doesn’t cost nearly as much, but the quality is just as pristine.

4PF Pendant

When most of us buy a new piece of jewelry, it’s either for a special occasion or because we’ve been saving up for a while to get something nice. But if you’re 42 Dugg, you can just randomly drop $25,000 on a pendant only because you feel like it. That’s exactly what he did with his 4PF pendant.

4PF stands for “4 Pockets Full” which is the record label formed by Lil Baby. Baby had already given Dugg a different 4PF pendant that was just as big and large, but Dugg felt like dropping a couple grand on a new one just because.

This pendant is another one that holds value outside of just the price, as this symbolizes the first label that 42 Dugg had ever been signed to. It’s a custom letter pendant engraved with solid gold and layered with pure diamonds, and you’ll see him proudly wearing it around his neck often.

You can make a pretty much identical custom pendant through 6 Ice, but of course, you can personalize it to your liking. Make the pendant emblematic of someone else’s initials, spell out an entire word, or even have the freedom to wear a whole phrase around your neck. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with fast shipping and our lifetime guarantee.

Presidential Watch

As you can see, 42 Dugg is a big fan of wearing custom pendants. However, he’s also a busy guy with places to be. In order to keep track of his schedule, he can just take a look down at his $50,000 diamond presidential watch to keep himself on track.

This watch is a beast. It’s thick and diamond-studded from every angle, from the outer rim to the inner watch face. It’s one of many nearly identical watches that the rapper owns, but this one might be the most special because it was gifted to him on his birthday by friend Yo Gotti.

Presidential watches can be a major statement piece, but they can also just be a classy addition to a business meeting or company outing. The good news is that you can get a stunning, nearly identical piece for just a fraction of the price that 42 Dugg spent. Not to mention, these watches give you full control over the color of the watch face, so you can mix and match however you choose.

Giant Cuban Chain

Every single rapper seems to have their own version of a Cuban chain, and they’re definitely some of the most classic pieces in hip hop history. But with that in mind, rappers need to take some care to make their chains stand out from the competition. We think that 42 Dugg’s giant Cuban chain might do just that.

This piece has a width of probably about four inches, and we can tell by the way it weighs down his neck that the diamonds and gold on this piece are entirely legitimate. It honestly makes some of his huge pendants look small, which we didn’t even think was possible.

It’s hard to pull off a proper jewelry look without a chain, and it’s impossible to wear a pendant without one too.

Good thing that 6 Ice has you covered. If you’re looking for something more subdued to just act as a vessel for holding onto your chains, then a Franco chain might be the move. But if you want to make a statement like 42 Dugg, then you’ll want to go with a giant Cuban chain just like him.

The possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment with different styles and options until you find one that works perfectly for you.

Conversation Starters That You Notice

42 Dugg is an up-and-coming rapper with a lot to prove, but he’s doing a great job of standing his own against hip hop legends. From his sentimental custom pendants to his huge Cuban chains that are just for show, his jewelry collection is indicative of the self-made success that he has earned from the ground up.


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