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  • 5 min read

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been around; your birthday matters, and you’re never too old to have a good time. 

But when a friend or family member’s birthday comes around, you’ve got some work to do– planning a party, organizing dinner reservations, and buying the sickest birthday presents.

There has never been an easy answer to what to get someone for their birthday, until now. But it doesn’t have to be a last-minute gift card or scrambling to find the latest Bluetooth gadget because you know they like their AirPods, and you can't think of anything else. We’ve put together a list of the eleven best birthday gifts that will satisfy straight up anyone.

Your friends and fam are lucky because this is going to be their best b-day celebration yet. You can thank us later when the gifting is done. Let’s get into it.

1. Perfect Pear-Cut Ring For The Queen

When your girl has a birthday coming up – wipe the calendar clean. You’re in for straight up days of celebration, many drinks, and hopefully minimal drama.

Get the party going by presenting a Pear Cut Ring with an EPIC Flawless Stone set into 18k yellow gold or 14k white gold. After receiving a great gift like this, there will be positive vibes for the whole week ahead.

This item is affordable, and the birthday girl will love the design and versatility of this piece.

2. Icy Modern Diamond Prong Cuban Ring

Birthdays are a reason to go all-out with outfits and cocktails. That’s what it’s all about, and you need a ring that shows you are in the house and ready to PARTY with no regrets.

Think that Cuban links are just for necklaces and bracelets? Think again. You canwear this classic style on your finger whether you’re a guy or girl, and it makes the ultimate catch-all birthday gift for a friend, family member, or partner.

Jewelry lovers will know they’ve received something special when they bust open this box, so give them a legendary birthday experience.

3. Attention-Grabbing Clustered Tennis Bracelet

Can you think of a single person on planet earth who doesn’t love a glisteningtennis bracelet around their wrist? Honestly – in every age group, profession, and fashion sense, these pieces just make sense. That’s called versatility, and it’s great for birthday (or Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or literally any other occasion) gifts.

4. Birthday Brush Font Custom Letter Pendant

Your main goal as a birthday organizer is to celebrate the person of honor. That means 100% focus on them at all times, and every move needs to be planned to please as you tote them around town, showing them a good time.

When you give a perfect gift like aCustom Letter Pendant with Brush Font, you are putting the spotlight directly on the man or woman of the hour, saying, “This is where the party is.”

They can wear their name around the neck with pride or represent their hometown or business with a festive font everyone will love to see. 

5. Subzero Iced Out Presidential Watch

A boring old watch can tell you what time it is, but only a brilliantPresidential Watch can really say it’s birthday time. Thousands of jewels can’t be ignored when the light hits from any angle – put this piece on and instantly feel like a superstar.

A birthday celebration should be a night to remember, and a watch like this will be a lifelong keepsake for the man or woman who wears it. 

6. Ferocious Spiked Bracelet

Is there a guy in your life who lives to get hyped up with his friends? Making music, lifting weights, or going hard on a night out – he’s always looking for the next adrenaline rush. 

This is the type of dude who needs a no-nonsense piece to prove to everyone that he’s the top dog. ThisIced Spiked Bracelet is an intense statement.

7. Laid-Back Baguette Tennis Chain

Maybe the birthday boy is more chill, lounging with some beers and bros instead of going wild at the club. In that case, he’ll want a low-key piece like aBaguette Tennis Chain to match his easy-going vibe.

This necklace makes everyone look twice to see who’s wearing it. 

8. Time-Machine Picture Pendant

An actual time machine is a bit out of budget, so acustom picture pendant is the next best thing. If you have a photo of the birthday girl or a group picture of the main man with his best friends, it’s your chance to seal it up in history forever.

Pick your design, select the best photo in your library, send it off to us, and before you know it, you’ve got a sick custom piece of jewelry.

When everyone’s at a birthday get-together, this is the gift that will make the crowd go wild. 

9. Eye-Catching Two-Tone Gucci Curb Chain

If you want to give them a chain this year, one color isn’t enough. Atwo-tone piece is the bare minimum, and they will love the colors playing off each other in the heat of the New York clubs.

Plus, a Gucci Curb pattern is something totally original that will drop the jaws of everyone at the party. Inspired by the classic designer, this piece will bring a VIP vibe to the evening without forcing everyone to go broke at once. 

10. Celebratory Pendant At The Center Of Attention

Everybody has their own idea of the perfect pendant, and you’ll get 1000 different answers from 1000 people. Some want a glistening diamond pyramid hanging from their chain, while others like to represent theirfavorite plant leaf with glowing gems, and still others have a monogram obsession. It’s a great opportunity to flex and express what you love.

To make their birthday extra special, draw on their interests, rather than going with the boring usual suspects. 

There is no limit to your creativity when celebrating a birthday. Decorations, dinners, drinks, and gifts should all have that personal touch to make it most meaningful. Focus less on price tags and more on what makes your friend such a unique and awesome person. That’s the best way to throw an unforgettable party.

11. Timeless 2-Sided Diamond Cross Necklace

Maybe your friend takes the time to focus on faith. You can give a 2-Sided Diamond Cross Necklace to help them celebrate in style.

This is the best gift for the person who wants to wake up the Sunday after their birthday and head to church to give praise and spend time with the most important people in their community.

You’ve got to respect someone with that level of dedication, and this unique gift is a great way to show you care without going overboard. You’ll be an extra-thoughtful friend who can connect on a deeper level.


Birthday gifts can be tricky when there are so many options, in a whirlwind of birthstone jewelry and crossbody bags. But there's no need for you to get stressed trying to pick out the perfect subscription box or surprise for the person of honor. Pick any of these items from the list above to ensure your friends and family have the best birthdays of all time.